Introduction to Frith’s Artwork

Arcadian Youth

This section provides access to some of Frith’s artwork. Frith is a prolific producer of acrylic sketches on folded A4 paper or card, which he is in the habit of sending to friends as greetings cards (see an example below). In addition to these are Frith’s larger pieces, again in acrylic, on canvas or board.

The sketches here are in series defined by Frith, with simple titles reflecting their general theme and/or where they are currently housed in Frith’s house. The paintings, many of which adorn the walls of Frith’s home, are largely untitled. The titles of works given by Frith are marked with (NF), and any dates given have been provided by Frith. The remaining works presented here have been supplied with titles and have been organised by theme (for example Olympians and Mortals) for the purposes of this project.

The visitor can click on individual items in each of the galleries which will take you to an information page. Clicking on the image again on the information page will bring up a larger version of the image. Once you have navigated to an information page the visitor may either return to the gallery’s main page or navigate to the previous or next item in the gallery.