Faun and Maenad Crossing a Stream (NF)

c. 1977
Acrylic on board
Height: 78in; Width: 30in
Frith: “This pair was intended to be symbolic not of Classical Times, as were the other Greek subjects, but of a time after the Fifth Century AD. Being minor deities, their boss, Bacchus, has been driven out of the West, along with all the other Olympians (see Time-line pp 2-3), while his accoutrements, the thyrsis-staff (broken), the leopard skin and vine-leaves, are left behind near the stream. The maenad is looking fearfully out at the mountains, wondering if the doom that enveloped the gods is coming for them, and her gaze is backed by a holly-tree with red spots, as of blood, symbolising the Christianity that has swept away paganism.”